Emu Pilates Petersfield
Emu Pilates Petersfield
Emu Pilates Petersfield
Emu Pilates Petersfield

Hello. I’m Emma Cordingley. Welcome to Emu Pilates,
based in the friendly town of Petersfield in Hampshire.

I am a fully qualified Pilates teacher, and I have many years of experience teaching inclusive Pilates classes at comfortable venues in and around Petersfield. I also teach online classes via Zoom,

My classes are suitable for all ages and abilities. I encourage students to work at a level they feel appropriate and beneficial. For each exercise, I will offer more challenging alternatives or suitable modifications.

The physical demands we place on our bodies and our response to these demands, changes as we grow older. We note a decrease in our physical strength and abilities and an increase in joint stiffness and lack of mobility. What we got away with in younger days can come home to roost in later life! Pilates is very good at alleviating day to day grumbles by addressing long established poor movement patterns and promoting better muscular recruitment. I can help restore some of the ease and confidence of youth when climbing stiles, negotiating muddy footpaths or simply going up and downstairs, as well as easing chronic aches and pains.

Whatever your age and your choice of exercise – Pilates offers invaluable support, as well as being a stand alone system for improving posture, retaining ease of movement, and rehabilitating injuries.

Pilates moves with the times and takes account of evolving research in the fields of anatomy and physiology. My Pilates is a mixture of Joseph Pilates’ original mat work exercises, as set out by the great man himself, and modified pilates which makes the practice particularly accessible to beginners; and I draw on my own years of experience. I often use a variety of the pilates small equipment which I supply.

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"Emma is extremely knowledgeable as a teacher and takes her classes seriously, but she also has a relaxed and approachable way of teaching which means that I always enjoy myself."