Emu Pilates Coronavirus Update

Emu pilates is currently offering a mixture of studio classes in local Petersfield venues, and online classes via Zoom.


My name is Emma Cordingley and I live in Petersfield, Hampshire. I am a fully qualified Pilates teacher, and I have many years of experience teaching friendly inclusive Pilates classes at comfortable venues in and around Petersfield.

Whatever your age and your choice of exercise – Pilates offers invaluable support, as well as being a stand alone system for improving posture, retaining ease of movement, and rehabilitating injury.                                 

As we grow older keeping mobile, pain free and independent becomes ever more important and Pilates is a wonderful way of helping to address the ageing process, both mentally and physically. Retaining some of the confidence of youth when climbing stiles, negotiating slippery footpaths or simply going up and down stairs is one of the many benefits of a regular Pilates class, as well as easing chronic aches and pains.

My Pilates is a mix of Joseph Pilates’ original mat work exercises, as set out by the great man himself, and evolved pilates which makes the practice accessible to beginners. I often use a variety of the pilates small equipment which I supply.

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"Emma is extremely knowledgeable as a teacher and takes her classes seriously, but she also has a relaxed and approachable way of teaching which means that I always enjoy myself."
Emu Pilates Petersfield
Emu Pilates Petersfield
Emu Pilates Petersfield
Emu Pilates Petersfield